"Putting Winton on the Map for something Good"

LifeLine's primary mission is coaching, consulting, and cultivating Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD). LifeLine operates and facilitates a few projects at various locations, using them as opportunities for individuals and civic and religious groups to see and learn more about how ABCD concepts work in real-life settings. Here are a few of our "living laboratories" where we are applying ABCD principles:


Focus: The LifeLine Community Center offers Winton residents various services, including English-Spanish Conversation Classes, computer classes, VITA tax preparation, emergency food, graffiti abatement, Kids Club,  a  community garden, youth leadership training, and bible study.

LifeLine Community Center   
7081 N. Winton Way
Winton, CA 95388

Office Hours :


9:00-5:00 P.M.

Contact Person:

Rosemarie Hernandez




Winton is a small unincorporated town in the Central Valley. While it regularly makes the news for drugs and gang activities, we find that there is so much more going on there. Many of the residents live in the shadows of the Immigration Debate, many of the farmers struggle to make it ends meet with an ever rising cost of things and a drought that makes farming difficult. With all this comes a residence, a strengths from deep within that makes people get up when they have fallen and stand up taller and try again. 

In 2006 we were asked to take over the work that had begun years before by a pastor with a passion for the Winton community.  John & Wanda Conley had laid a wonderful foundation of community members caring enough to act. 

In 2008 we met with community members and helped them dream about their preferred future and the slogan "Putting Winton on the Map for something Good" was developed. 

Over the last few year many things have happened all driven by local community members and supported by volunteers, groups, and outside sources.

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How the Community Garden Started: