Vision and Mission

VISION: Communities cultivating and celebrating their assets.

MISSION: Empowering impoverished neighbors to thrive.

We believe the skills of local residents, the power of local resources, and the supportive functions of local institutions are the primary building blocks of sustainable community development. Our vision is to see communities discover, cultivate, and celebrate their assets.

To accomplish this we follow these principles:      

  • We believe that healthy relationships are central to all successful  community development

  • We believe that every community, organization, institution are relationships. resources and capabilities that can yield self-transformation

  • We believe we should never do "for" others what they can do for themselves

  • Mercy and charity is sometimes necessary for short-term stabilization of people and circumstances but should never result in long-term aid

  • Development and Justice work yields long-term, transformative results

  • Power (economic, social, physical, political and spiritual) but be shared for community well-being.

  • Linking people who are of good will and their collective assets creates opportunities for existing and creative successes

  • Mapping assets helps individuals, communities, congregations, organizations determine how they are uniquely gifted and participate in the transformation process

  • Small groups of committed individuals can change their communities and the world.

What does a changed community look like?

  • We see signs of increasing ownership in the community

  • We see evidence of a growing sense of community

  • We see and hear about shared vision among residents in the community

  • We see evidence of increased knowledge, skills, and resources working for shared benefit

  • We see individuals taking on leadership roles in the community

  • We see individuals growing personally, professional, and spiritually

  • We see people living out their values,  and working together to crease a sense of peace and joy (Shalom)