The Meadows

LifeLine's primary mission is coaching, consulting, free after school program and cultivating Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD). LifeLine operates and facilitates a few projects at various locations, using them as opportunities for individuals and civic and religious groups to see and learn more about how ABCD concepts work in real-life settings.

Focus: The Meadows Apartment offers youths living there positive alternatives and outlets. Various after-school activities are offered, including sports, crafts and science projects, homework assistance, and mentoring. Community members are creating a safe and fun environment for children to thrive and college ready. Other activities for the whole community include a community garden, regular gatherings to learn and grow together.

Meadows Apartment Youth Outreach
Meadows Apartment Complex
3125 Meadows Ave., Appartment #70
Merced, CA 95340

Office Hours:

10:30-5:00 P.M.

Contact Person:

Chanel Weaver




Free-After School Program:

The Meadows LifeLine Community Center has been offering a free-after school program for the youth in The Meadows Apartments. We have a structured program that creates an environment for learning and creating activities to encourage self-awareness and personal growth.

Group Learning. Those who participate in the after-school program have a voice in its daily activities. Often lessons are taught in a group setting with hands-on activities that encourage and implement the importance of working together.

Opportunities for Experience. With our new upcoming program ‘Get Outdoors” we will be working weekly to encourage our participants with getting in touch with nature, even if it is their own backyard. On top of that, we make it a point to take the kids on field trips and to participate in other outside activities.

Parents & Toddlers. Our newest addition to our “Little’s Time” that helps with the development of children ages 0-5 in areas of social, verbal, and motor skills, as well as offers support groups and classes for parents on the importance of self-care and stress management.

Parties. Almost monthly there are events, potlucks, and parties to celebrate one another and bring openness and connection to the community. Often we have different themed parties for participants to invite their parents and families and enjoy.


Our Schedule

                           2:30-3:15 Homework/reading/journal prompt

                           3:15-3:30: Snack

                           3:30-3:45: Group Time

                           3:45-4:30: Art or Science Activity

                           4:30-5:15: Unstructured Play time (free time)

                           5:15-5:30: Clean up/Sign-out

                           Wednesday the Center is open at 2.

Why an After-School Program?

The impact of after-school programs has continuously have been found to encourage:

-Increased academic effort and decreased likeliness of skipping school

-Fewer emotional and behavioral problems

-Improved leadership skills

-Keeps kids active and teaches healthy habits



“A child’s life is a piece of paper in which every person leaves a mark”


Staff That Cares:

The Meadows LifeLine Community has three permanent staff members at the community center in addition to volunteer community members, UC Merced Students, and various other community benefit organizations. Each brings their own passions and cares to helping improve the lives of all of the participants that attend.

Get Involved:

Applications for both participation and volunteer work are available at the center at apt #70. For any information on how to get involved or sign up your child

contact (209)947-1982.


Here are a few of our "living laboratories" where we are applying ABCD principles:

The Meadows Apartments are located in the Loughborough area in Merced, California. This area is known as "ground zero", a highly dense low-income neighborhood with lots of crime and gang actives. After walking the community for a year and just listening to community members we had an opening to help with a summer lunch program in the Meadows apartments. During conversations with community members there the biggest interest was to have an after school program going on to create a safe environment for the children and give them opportunities to thrive. 

Since 2009 there have been activities for the children and adults in the community. In 2013 the owner of the building saw the effect this program had on the neighbors and gave us one of the apartments to run the programs. A daily after school program in a safe and fun environment with lots of activities keeps the children engaged and learning. Trips to the library, the UC Merced and other places helps the children dream about a future.

The efforts are driven by local community members with assistance from UC students, community volunteers and churches.

A message from the leaders: 

Youth Empowerment: ABCD targets strengths and gifts, we go into communities with the understanding that we aren’t going in to “fix anything”, we are going in to remind community members of their potential and capabilities. At The Meadows LifeLine Community Center, we know that empowering the youth is our chance to create a better future, it is reminding the communities youth that the world is theirs to grasp. Children are not given enough credit for how much they are able to grasp and the power that they hold, which is why we create a safe, structured environment at our After-School Program that encourages the youth to realize their potential. The children here participate in activities that promote growth academically, emotionally, socially, spiritually, and personally. From self-awareness to awareness of the world around them, we try to turn confusion into wonder, and with that, the possibilities are endless.