Lifeline Bus Boutique

LifeLine's primary mission is coaching, consulting, and cultivating Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD). LifeLine operates and facilitates a few projects at various locations, using them as opportunities for individuals and civic and religious groups to see and learn more about how ABCD concepts work in real-life settings. Here are a few of our "living laboratories" where we are applying ABCD principles:

 Focus: The LifeLine Bus Boutique brings new and gently used clothing to community members. The converted school bus is stocked with donated clothing and travels to the neighborhoods where it is needed. People can barter (exchange) or volunteers or pay a small fee for the goods.

LifeLine Bus Boutique Address:

353 E. Donna Dr. 

Merced, CA 95341

Contact Person:

Laurell Uptegrove

Office: (209)259-8950

Please Call for Appointment


How the Bus Boutique Started Merced Radio donated their old Wayne Lifeguard school bus for our roving thrift store. Many people do not have access to good clean clothing. This bus will go to under-resourced neighborhoods for a day of shopping. Ready for a new job but don’t have the right outfits? No problem! Can’t pay the $0.25 for the pants? No problem, donate your time or exchange for another piece of good clothing.  Many already started donating!