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Leading by Stepping Back

Winton is a small unincorporated town in the Central Valley with a rich mixture of people, from established farmers to migrant workers, representing all colors, socio-economic ranges, cultures and ages. With it comes a richness and diversity that can be so much fun and yet so fragmented. Winton LifeLine Community Center has been playing it's part in bringing community members together for the common good of "Putting Winton on the map for something good". 

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About LifeLine CDC

LABELS! How often do we use them to put people into their places! We all have been labeled in our lives and most likely have lived into those labels! "stupid" "unemployed" "musician" "single mom" "homeless" "ex-offender" "business women" and the list goes on. When you are labeled "poor" "under-resourced" "uneducated" you start living into those labels.

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