Adolphus, Jay, Jill, Fred

Volunteers are the at the center of everything we do. Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) has at the very core of it's values that local community members are at the center of transformation. It is through the local neighbors that things happen. Here are just a few of the great people we get to work with. 

Fred and Jill Johnson have been with us for years. Jill has a very organized mind and has helped us get things done in Winton. Fred is a man of all trades and has helped us built our community gardens and does a lot of our 'fixing' that needs to get done. We are thankful for their continued support. 

David Abbott

David Abbott returned to Winton in May of 2010 after graduating from Simpson University, located in Redding, California, with a Bachelor degree in Business Administration.  David has been a major blessing to LifeLine, especially in its efforts in Winton.  He has served for two years as Site Coordinator and Return Preparer for the VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) program.  During the 2012 filing season, David along with his volunteers were able to return over $90,000 to low- to moderate-income families.  He currently is teaching computer classes to teens and younger adults of the Winton community to give then the job skills that they need to be successful.  During all this, he works a temporary job as well as studying online to earn his Masters in Business Administration degree from Crown College, located near St. Paul, MN.

When asked why he gives of his time, he says that, “I have been blessed so I want to help the rest.”  He enjoys the opportunity to serve those in the
community because he sees the contribution that it makes to those around him.  He hopes to have a full-time job soon where he can contribute his time and abilities in paid employment.  He plans to continue to volunteer, as he is able.  We are very thankful to David and his commitment to serve in Winton.

tunde Osungboye

Tunde Osungboye is a former AmeriCorps member with LifeLine CDC and started the work in the Meadows Apartments after closing to move there. The Meadows is located in the Loughborough neighborhood – an area considered by many to be one of the city’s poorest and most dangerous.  He worked with community members to start the work with children (usually ages 3 to 13,, helping them with their homework and providing various after-school activities.  After 5 yeas of working there he still volunteered but went back to school to complete his education.  - Update 2015 - Tunde died of a major lung infection and will be greatly missed. 

Adrian Esquiivil

Adrian Esquivel (better known as FATZ)  is our former AmeriCorps member and worked at the Winton Community Center.  He loves to get young people together to improve the community.  He headed up the graffiti abatement youth team, met with officials on addressing community safety, organized groups to help senior citizens, and started a community garden.  He recently enrolled in school to become a chef, but he is still involved in helping make Winton a better place. Update 2016 -Adrian is back working full-time as a chef.